Hyvolution 2023 Summit

Last February we attended the Hyvolution 2023 Summit, an event dedicated to hydrogen that brought together experts in the field. In this article, we will present you with a review of the event, including the key points that were discussed, the trends that emerged and the innovations that were presented.

Hyvolution 2023 Summit: what we’ve learned

Denmark has launched a large-scale hydrogen production project using wind and solar power. “The Danish group GreenGo Energy has just unveiled its new project called Megaton. Worth €8 billion, this gigantic facility will be capable of producing more than 1 million tonnes of hydrogen and green e-fuels each year.” (Source : GreenGo Energy)

The European Union wants to be autonomous in the production of hydrogen, and for this it will rely on its partner: Africa. Morocco is a serious candidate for a cable connection to Europe, as its renewable energy sector is in full development. “The EU will need more green hydrogen than we can produce ourselves, so we are looking for countries where green hydrogen can be produced,” Frans Timmermans told EURACTIV. (Source : Euractiv)

Chile’s ambition is to become the cheapest producer of hydrogen on the market. The country says it is open to private investors. It will re-export the hydrogen produced, thanks to the solar and wind farms located in Patagonia, to China and Japan (Read more: International Monetary Fund)

The French energy industrial group Engie has set itself the target of reaching 4 GW of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030. All this thanks to 130 hydrogen production projects underway and/or planned and 100 charging stations for mobility to be built around the world (Read more: ENGIE)

Vinci Airports confirms that hydrogen powered aircraft will be operational between 2030 and 2050. Hydrogen-powered runway vehicles are already operating in Asia and this will also be the case in Lyon with Saint Exupéry airport in 2025. (For more informations: Airbus)

The Hy24 hydrogen fund launched by Air Liquide, TotalEnergies and Vinci has invested 70 million in H2 Mobility Deutschland GMBH. This fund will enable the number of hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany and Austria to be increased from 90 to 300. Of these 300 stations, 200 will be high capacity, i.e. delivering more than one tonne of hydrogen per day, compared with an average of 100 to 200 kg in the current stations. (Source: Hy24)

STELLANTIS has signed a contract with Engie to build its hydrogen refuelling stations.  “While we already have several hundred orders for our hydrogen vehicles, this is a key step in meeting the needs of heavy-duty professionals who want to benefit from a low-carbon engine that will allow them to access city centres,” said Xavier Peugeot, Stellantis’ director of commercial vehicles. (Source : Mopar)

Here is an overview of the latest advances and trends in the field of hydrogen, as presented at the Hyvolution 2023 Summit.


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Participation in the Hyvolution exhibition from 1 to 2 February 2023

Comeca’s team will be present on stand 6H52 at the Hyvolution 2023 show in Paris on February 1st and 2nd, Porte de Versailles.

Hyvolution 2023

This event is dedicated to hydrogen and energy efficiency technologies in the mobility and industrial sectors. It aims to promote the development of sustainable and eco-responsible technologies and to improve energy efficiency in these areas. It is aimed at professionals from the mobility, industry, distribution and installation sectors, as well as architects, engineers, decision makers and policy makers.

Event Program

Hyvolution 2023 offers a rich and varied programme, with conferences, workshops, product and technology demonstrations, round tables and networking areas. Visitors will be able to discover the latest innovations in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy production, energy storage, energy management and environmental management.

Hyvolution 2023 is an opportunity to discover the latest technological advances in hydrogen and energy efficiency technologies, as well as innovative projects that use this clean and renewable energy.

Comeca Group At Hyvolution 2023

Our solutions for green hydrogen production include high efficiency and power factor rectifiers, which can be used in the power range of 0.01 to 1 MW for mobility, up to 5 MW for production, and beyond 5 MW for mass production. We also offer a modular and containerised cooling solution, suitable for ATEX zones. Also, you will be able to (re)discover our offer of project management and maintenance services for production facilities, as well as electrical distribution solutions that can be plug-in, disconnectable or fixed, depending on the power requirements. 

These solutions aim to contribute to the diffusion of more sustainable technologies and to the improvement of energy efficiency in the mobility and industrial sectors.

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Hydrogen powder, a revolution for hydrogen storage and transport?

Nanotechnology researchers at Deakin University in Australia have made a potentially game-changing discovery in the production, storage and transport of hydrogen: powdered hydrogen.

Faced with polluting fossil fuels and alternatives such as electric cars, hydrogen is a major challenge for our century. However, the technologies sometimes encounter obstacles to democratising a practical and accessible use for all future users.

Hydrogen powder: a new way to produce

Hydrogen production requires a lot of energy, especially if it is derived from fossil fuels, which currently account for 90% of hydrogen production worldwide. Water electrolysis also requires energy to produce dihydrogen, but it can be powered by green energy.

The process discovered by the Deakin University researchers proposes a new method known as “chemical-mechanical”. This method would be less energy intensive and would not create any waste. This process is possible thanks to boron nitride powder, an ingredient that has the particularity of being able to absorb substances. The powder can also be used several times.

The boron nitride is placed in a grinder with gases and small stainless steel balls. The chamber forces the impact between the balls, the powder and the gases by rotating faster and faster. The powder absorbs one gas faster than the others, so it can separate the hydrogen and absorb it.

This method consumes 90% less energy. But that is not the only advantage of this discovery. Storage is also revolutionised.

A double revolution, storage and transport also concerned

The discovery could be a major breakthrough in the transport and storage of hydrogen. Indeed, it is much safer to transport the powder than the gas. To use it, you just need to heat the powder to separate it from the element stored inside. The powder can then be used again. It should also be noted that hydrogen in its solid state can be transported and stored at room temperature, another argument in favour of this method, which reduces the energy costs of this hydrogen production.

The feasibility and consumption of large-scale deployment in industry remains to be studied. Such a process could truly revolutionise all sectors that use, transport and store gas.


Comeca at Hyvolution on may 11 & 12 2022 in Paris

Comeca’s teams will be at the Hyvolution exhibition in Paris on May 11 & 12 2022. Hyvolution is a professional exhibition which gathers many actors of the hydrogen industry. Each year, local authorities are more and more committed to projects around the hydrogen energy transition.

More than 120 projects are already under development in France, and several million euros of investment are accompanying this national deployment.

Meet our teams on our stand N11 to discover Comeca’s offer for hydrogen production.

Our expertise and skills in electrical distribution and power conversion allow us to meet the electrical needs of hydrogen production. Comeca accompanies the challenges of the industry on the different segments of mobility, production and mass production.

Find our offer and our documentation on our page dedicated to the Hydrogen production, and come and meet Elisa and Cyrille on our stand on May 11 & 12 at the Paris Event Center.